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Cross-border trade has developed from being a trend to being a necessity for many sellers if you don’t want to be pushed out of the market. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; there are many ways to sell into new markets. In our magazine you can read about a wide variety of successful companies that started with completely different approaches. The Cross-Border Magazine is a valuable and i

Salesupply partners with pdsCommerce to enhance services for global retailers

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pdsCommerce, an enterprise-level B2C & B2B commerce solution delivered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Salesupply, a global ecommerce services company, have joined forces to enhance their services to global retailers. As a result of this partnership, pdsCommerce will be able to better serve global retailers. Native to the pdsCommerce™ feature set are multi-store, multi-language, m

Post NL / Salesupply Whitepaper ‘The first and the last mile- Localization and Logistics as key factors for cross-border success’

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How do you plan your internationale e-commerce expansion? Which steps are important when localizing your webshops and how to tackle international logistics?
The ‘first mile’ of the customer’s purchase path is all about browsing, comparing and deciding whether or not to buy. It often is a question of trust, influenced by price competitiveness, level of service as well as emotion. For foreign retailers, localization plays a major role in succeeding abroad: It increases visibility in search engines and offers website users a look and feel they are

Improve conversion during the [international] checkout process

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Conversion rate for payments is the ratio between the number of payment requests and successful payment authorisations. Recent research by Ingenico Payment Services has revealed that 20% of payment requests are not completed.Transactions can fail for several reasons: Consumer drop-off – could be due to lack of trust and confidence, the process may be too long and complicated or the preferre

Globalization has shifted to digital

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Virtually every type of cross-border transaction now has a digital component
Digital flows—which were practically nonexistent just 15 years ago—now exert a larger impact on GDP growth than the centuries-old trade in goods, according to a new McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, Digital globalization: The new era of global flows.  More than 360 million people globally participate in cross-border e-commerce, and virtually every type of cross-border transaction now h


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