Conquer Poland

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Poland is a very interesting and upcoming e-commerce market! Because of the convenient location of our warehouse, using our local fulfilment solutions is an interesting option for online retailers.

Advantages Salesupply Fulfilment in Poland:

Local operation
Fast delivery times
Low delivery costs
Shortened return times
Improved customer satisfaction

Conquer Poland
E-Commerce Fulfillment Poland

Logistical fulfilment in Poland

Local fulfilment for local success

Salesupply offers logistical fulfilment from our local warehouse in Zielona Góra, Poland. We offer support sending of the goods from our local warehouse and daily deliver your B2C and B2B orders.

Advantages Salesupply fulfilment:

E-commerce specialised solution
Cloud-based OMS control of processes
Door-to-door tracking
Fast plug & play integration
Worldwide coverage with carriers and local warehouses


Customer Service Poland

Professional customer care in Poland

Our local team of experienced customer service agents answers the questions of your customers, to ensure optimal accessibility and customer satisfaction. We seamlessly integrate with your organisation and take the following out of your hands:

Professional, scalable customer service
First- and second line customer service
Processing of returns
Assisting with placing orders
Handling complaints
Phone, mail, chat and social media

Customer Service Polen

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"Salesupply is always available for our international customers “think global, act local” is what connects our two companies."

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