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Italy is one of the upcoming e-commerce markets, making it an interesting market for many (r)etailers and brands. Do you use our local storage solution to conquer the Italian market?

  • tickBenefits of Salesupply fulfillment in Italy:
  • tickLocal operations
  • tickFaster delivery times & delivery time window possible
  • tickLower shipping costs
  • tickShortened return times
  • tickImproved customer satisfaction


Logistics in Italy
E-Commerce Fulfillment Italy

Logistical Fulfillment in Italy

Local fulfillment for local success

Salesupply offers you logistical fulfillment from our location in Verona, Italy. We support you with the shipment of goods from our local storage location and the delivery of your B2C and B2B orders on a daily basis.

  • tickBenefits of Salesupply fulfillment:
  • tickE-commerce specialized solution
  • tickCloud-based OMS process monitoring
  • tickDoor-to-door tracking
  • tickFast plug & play integration
  • tickGlobal coverage with carriers and local warehouses

Customer service Italy

Professional customer service in Italy

Our local team of experienced customer service agents answers all of your customers' queries, in order to achieve optimal accessibility and customer satisfaction. We integrate seamlessly with your organization and take the following processes out of your hands:

  • Professional, scalable customer service
  • 1st & 2nd line customer contact level
  • Return processing
  • Assistance with placing orders
  • Handling of complaints
  • Telephone, e-mail, chat, social


Customer Service Italy

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