Automated localised returns indispensable in international ecommerce

With ecommerce margins under attack, your returns strategy is pivotal to your online success. Especially on an international scale. That’s why Salesupply and Returnless have joined forces to bring you the ultimate ecommerce returns solution:

The powerful, all-in-one return platform of Returnless combined with the global local return network of Salesupply.

This partnership enables cross-border ecommerce businesses to offer their customers the best possible local return experience, while enabling businesses to lower total return cost and prevent future returns.

Benefits of the international returns solution of Returnless and Salesupply

  • tickA clear overview of all your returns from any source in your Salesupply dashboard.
  • tickA clear overview of what is returned, when and why.
  • tickAutomatically process returns by using automated return rules.
  • tickPrevent future returns by applying return analytics.
  • tickLocal return address and processing in 17 countries.
  • tickInternational return logistics from Europe, USA and China.
  • tickPlug & play integration with your current online platform and/or marketplace.

This results in lower total returns cost, less returns in the future, and happier, returning customers!

Are you interested?

An all-in-one Return Platform, here’s why

We carefully selected the Returnless all-in-one return platform because of its flexibility, connectivity and its overall added value. Not only does the platform provide you with the overview and the tools to handle returns faster at lower costs, it also actively provides the ecommerce store with added value.  The returns portal enables ecommerce businesses to:

  • tickSave revenue: Instead of plainly offering refunds, stores can offer customers a coupon code with store credit as another refund option. (On average 30% of all customers opt for a coupon!)
  • tickActively lower returns: Returnless provides real-time insight into return data. Enabling ecommerce businesses to optimize product range performance and avoid future returns.
  • Just like all services offered by Salesupply, the platform of Returnless is highly flexible and works with all ecommerce platforms, logistic platforms, marketplaces and carriers.

The importance of localised, international, ecommerce returns

More and more online shoppers name a webshops returns and refunds policy as a primary conversion killer. In international ecommerce this is definitely the case. Nobody wants to go through the effort of sending their ecommerce returns across the border or even overseas. To be succesful internationally, online stores need to compete like a local. In returns this means: providing customers with a local returns address.

With Salesupply’s ecommerce returns management service, online stores can offer their customers a local return address in 17 different countries to make the return process as smooth and easy as possible.

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