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4 ways to scale your e-commerce customer service

There are multitude of reasons one may need to scale up their e-commerce customer service:
1. Because business is growing exponentially and the current team can't keep up with the expected service levels. 2. Because of international expansion, more languages are required.


How to handle Preorders for E-Commerce stores

Preorders give your customers the opportunity to reserve a product(s) from your store before they’re actually available to buy. More and more retailers and suppliers are opting for this e-commerce option as it gives them a solid idea of item demands. Plus, it provides a guaranteed number of sa

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Reduce failed deliveries with Address Validation

The headache of failed deliveries is a common one in e-commerce. Where forms are filled out, mistakes are made. Research shows that up to 25% of failed deliveries are caused by bad address data. On average, these failed deliveries cost your company 14 euros extra per order and lead to unsatisfied cu

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Customer service statistics for 2023

These days, more and more commerce takes place digitally: without any human interaction or a physical location to go to when something is wrong. That's why customer service is so important when generating trust amongst (online) customers. It’s also why many businesses are having to rethink th

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[Guide] Ecommerce in Poland: a growing market

Amid difficult times, there are still some growth markets left. One market we definitely don’t want you to overlook is Poland. With the market expected to see an 11.47% annual growth rate, there are abundant opportunities waiting for merchants to seize. Now it’s the time to claim your s

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Karo Healthcare selects Salesupply as their European fulfillment partner

PRESS RELEASE - MARCH 7 A scalable 5 fulfillment center strategy localized for growth Karo Healthcare - formerly known as Karo Pharma - selected Salesupply to completely take over their European multi-brand ecommerce fulfillment operations. Together with Karo Healthcare, Salesupply has designed a

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Does ChatGPT mean the end of human customer service?

You do not want to miss this customer care application. We all have seen the hype around the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application ChatGPT. From writing software code to website content to you name it, it seems there is nearly nothing this application cannot do more efficiently and faster than u

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