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Ecommerce Fulfillment Costs Explained - What You Need to Know

The ecommerce market in the US was worth an estimated $599.2 billion in 2021, making it the second largest entity of its type behind China. What’s more, the global market is expected to total $5.5 trillion in value by the end of this year, while this trend for accelerated growth (which began

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Benchmark: state of ecommerce customer care in UK

Missed opportunity: Over half of the web shops only offers customer service from 9 to 5 Nearly 60% of the stores answers the phone within a minute 32% replies to emails in one hour Close to half of the webshops offer chat as a channel Customer service is vital in creating an extraordinary br

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What is Order Fulfilment? A Complete Guide

Ecommerce sales continue to grow in the UK, accounting for 35.9% of total retail sales throughout 2022. Further growth is also expected in the near term, driven partially by increased mobile orders and the rising value of click-and-collect turnovers. This is expected to peak at €11.9 billion (

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Customer Service Checklist - Five must-haves

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a good quality of customer service, not least because 68% of consumers are apparently willing to pay a premium for products and services from brands known to offer a positive experience.  From a longer-term perspective, it’s also thought that 86%

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6 tips to prepare your ecommerce for the coming crisis

In the year that the covid surge came to an end, ecommerce growth has cooled down. Now online retailers are facing a whole new challenge. In a world filled with turmoil it looks like we are entering a crisis. The sky high inflation increases your operational cost from electricity to procurement and

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How Just Brands guarantees excellent Customer Service in Germany

PME Legend, Vanguard, and Cast Iron are the three legendary premium brands of fashion company Just Brands. Founded in 1992 the company is a well-known brand in the Netherlands, with a strong presence in Belgium, Poland and the DACH countries. As many companies do when expanding internationally, Just

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How to turn online shoppers into happy returning customers

It is an often heard question. Webstores spend large parts of their budgets on acquiring traffic and on converting these first-time visitors into first-time buyers. With steadily increasing acquisition costs, this strategy only becomes viable in the long term when you manage to convert these buyers

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