Salesupply, expert in helping companies to sell online cross-border, has published a new Whitepaper offering valuable information on how to sell on Amazon in the US if you are a foreign retailer. We have compiled Infographics with stats and facts about Amazon in general, the US e-commerce market, all necessary steps that need to be undertaken and a variety of tips and tricks.

The US e-commerce market with its $456bn annual turnover and  196 million online shoppers is ranging at the global top. It is also a market which is home to a wide range of successful e-commerce companies, making it the world’s favorite cross-border shopping destination. In addition, the US is a hub of innovation, digital progress and retail technology.

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Expanding to the United States means competing in a tough retail environment, with high consumer expectations and high business standards. However, the potential is enormous: Individual e-commerce spending per person and year, is with an average of $2216 (€1933) higher than the European average of €1376. In addition, the dollar has been trending upwards for a while now, presenting an opportunity to offer low prices on the US market, which is a favorable condition for market entry.

A storefront on a leading marketplaces such as the one operated by Amazon, is a good opportunity to test the market with relatively low business risk, for instance ahead of  launching a dedicated webshop. A marketplace storefront can also be a strategic complement to an existing sales channel in order to increase brand awareness. In the past year, sellers on Amazon from more than 100 different countries around the world fulfilled orders to customers in 185 countries, using the services offered by Amazon.

In this Whitepaper, we will share some thoughts on why selling on Amazon is a good way to enter the US market. On top of that, we will list the most important issues to take into account and provide some tips and insights on how to proceed.