Reputation and success of an online business, or any business as a matter of fact, are primarily based on what your users/customers think.

Today anyone who runs a successful online webshop is paying increasing attention to the information that spread about the site on the web, whether it's a tweet, a validation on Amazon, a status update on Facebook or a blog post that reaches hundreds of thousands of people in no time, if skillfully shared.

Excellent customer service can make a difference for an e-commerce business and should be the main objective of the operator of that site.


An excellent customer service is based on solid interhuman relations and relationships of trust that each company must develop and maintain with care. In practical terms this means not only to satisfy customers, to manage complaints and problems but also to interact with them, listen to their suggestions and their criticism as well as being able to obtain positive references from these customers, their word of mouth on the Internet.

Customer care is marketing and brand management

Excellent Customer Service is not only about generating that "Wow Experience", in the sense that consumers are pleasantly surprised when their suggestion is accepted or because they are rewarded with discounts or free supplies, but also about prevention that a negative opinion about your company will go viral.

If you want you can name it marketing, but in fact customer care it is actually another way to grow and establish your brand.

Where to start? Answer the call ... but go further than that!

Equip yourself with different tools, including the  phone, email, chat, presence on various social media etc: Those are all ways to better manage relations and contacts of your website. Set the goal for yourself of exceeding the expectations of your customers; that way you will not miss any opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Lack of resources

Especially companies taking first steps in foreign markets often find that there are limits to their resources. It takes time and effort to gain the trust of a customer, and hiring and managing local personnel can cost lots of time and investment. Leaving customer care to collaborators who do not speak the local language on the other hand is harmful for your reputation and will most likely result in fewer orders.  In this case, outsourcing customer care to a local team of professional offers an efficient and scalable way to increase customer satisfaction while starting to build brad awareness and reputation.


Salesupply offers local, native-language customer service for 18 languages, carried out by locally resident e-commerce professionals. Our network enables us to offer you a scalable, cost- and time efficient model without sacrificing quality and service level. Contact us to learn more!