Cross-border trade has developed from being a trend to being a necessity for many sellers if you don’t want to be pushed out of the market. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; there are many ways to sell into new markets. In our magazine you can read about a wide variety of successful companies that started with completely different approaches.

The Cross-Border Magazine is a valuable and independent source on cross-border online trade. The focus is on the challenges and stories entrepreneurs (be they global players or SMEs) come across in the ever-changing and increasingly digitalised retail landscape in Europe and beyond. 

Interviews, case studies, tips and tricks will give a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes of international digital retail. To give you a glimpse inside the pages, readers will enjoy an interview with Vestiaire Collective about their international journey, learn more about Instagram marketing and logistics, find figures on India and practical tips on surviving US sales tax… and much more. Please watch our short trailer:

The Cross-Border Magazine is a Salesupply initiative, carried out as a joint venture with our valued partners PayPal, Bleckmann, Avalara, Spring Global Delivery Service, Intershop, India Connected, eTail Europe and Ecommerce Europe.

Working with global experts, brands and suppliers, we strive for thought leadership and true inspiration on global e-commerce. Of course, we will not forget to focus on the customer, their purchase journey, their desires and their obstacles, in order to help e-commerce sellers improve their operations.

The magazine can, as of now, be ordered for free via this link. The first issue will be delivered after the official launch.

The Cross-Border Magazine will be bi-annual and the first issue has been officially launched at the eTail Europe Conference taking place from June 21st – 23rd 2016 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. 

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