Cross-Border Magazine 6 - mymuesli


In 2007, mymuesli was founded by Philipp Kraiss, Hubertus Bessau, and Max Wittrock and quickly became a success. Their secret? Mass customization in food. Consumers are able to completely create their own kind of muesli. As Wittrock states: "People like to have their own personalised breakfast. If you can make them feel happy about their food, it creates a strong, emotional link with the product and brand." To make this possible, the experience customers have when ordering their muesli has to be excellent. "This means you have to adapt in your long-term strategy. We are used to tweaking every sentence on our webshop on a daily basis, just to make it even more in line with our brand perspective, but we are hesitant to change our stores, as an interior was created to last multiple years."

In the last years, mymuesli is expanding its business, currently being available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, the Netherlands, and Sweden. "And only recently, we started in France. Starting in a new country is always about facing new challenges and habits. That's why we do not need to be live in 20 countries by the end of the year. As Dietrich Mateschitz from Red Bull once stated:
it takes years to become an overnight success.

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