idealo was founded in 2000, in Germany. The price-comparison platform has recently opened its doors to cross-border retailers. Cross-Border Magazine interviewed Erik Meierhoff, Head of B2B Business, and Sandra Nicht, Officer B2B Management, to learn about the platform, its focus on the customer journey and its effort to make it easy for merchants as well. “We have a massive product catalog, which we maintain and manage ourselves. We invest a lot in getting the right data in the right place. With our DNA, people know for sure that they receive the best possible product information and will always – always – see the best price. That is what customers want, an experience that is as convenient as possible. On top of that, our Direktkauf functionality offers consumers the opportunity to buy a product immediately. For the consumer, it makes things as easy and comfortable as possible,” says Meierhoff.

Are you interested to read more about price-comparison platform idealo, its cross-border activities and its Direktkauf function, you can read the full interview in the latest issue of the Cross-Border Magazine. Download the magazine here.