The family business HIRMER is the largest, exclusively male-fashion house in the world. HIRMER GROSSE GRÖSSEN (HIRMER BIG AND TALL), which is part of the HIRMER Group, offers high-end fashion for men with non-standard sizes globally. They started out small, but grew into Germany’s largest business for heavier men during the 1980’s. Not only did they become successful in the brick-and-mortar business, in 2008, they started selling their fashion online as well. The company is currently expanding into Eastern Europe, with online shops in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Expanding internationally requires continuous updates on already produced content, and adaptation to the market conditions of the targeted countries. Customer service is equally important for customer loyalty, especially accompanying the sensitive subject of plus sizes. Comprehensive support and advice is expected from customers in the premium segment.

HIRMER BIG AND TALL collaborates with two partners in order to strengthen their position in the global market: the language service provider Eurotext AG and the fulfilment specialist Salesupply, in order to drive the internationalisation strategy with trans-national expertise.

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