Outdoor sports are loved by people all over the world. We challenge ourselves with exercising and meanwhile experience and explore the most unique places of our planet. However, weather conditions affect the way we dress. The outdoor clothing market has increased massively over the past couple of years.

Pernilla and her husband Niclas both love to travel and came up with RevolutionRace, as they were unable to find a brand that provided outdoor clothing for a decent price. From brand image and advertising to processing orders and designing products, Pernilla and Niclas did every job by themselves at the start of their brand in 2014.

The company has experienced a rapid growth. RevolutionRace sells in over 20 different countries every month. Pernilla believes their strategy is responsible for their expansion. The company implements a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business model, which enables them to sell high quality products for a competitive price. RevolutionRace transparently communicates their supply chain to the customer, so that they receive unmatched value for their money. They want to listen to their customers, by letting them help decide on next seasons’ colours and patterns.

According to Pernilla, the outdoor apparel market was very conservative. That is why they laid focus on colours and patterns. RevolutionRace has been a pure online player from the start. They started out in Sweden, but kept a global vision and successfully launched their shop in Finland and Norway two years later. The company has been profitable from the start in all three countries.

RevolutionRace has faced many challenges within all departments, by selling cross-border. Pernilla believes that experiencing problems is valuable and the best way to learn. Hiring a team of (nowadays 30) professionals has already tackled major issues. A local approach with native customer service agents is the best way to serve cross-border customers.

RevolutionRace was the first European outdoor brand that was built on social media. Instagram and Facebook have been crucial for their success. The company has expanded their channels in order to communicate with customers. However, social media will always remain important, as influencers can achieve a lot and online potential is extremely high.

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