Salesupply opens a new fulfilment location in Poland! By opening this warehouse in Zielona Góra, near the western border of the country, Salesupply offers various strategic advantages to make delivering online orders more convenient, faster and cheaper in Poland and surrounding countries! Online selling is being made attractive through local deliveries. From this new hub, local deliveries to the end consumer will be a lot cheaper and faster. Because these delivery times will be shorter, there will be fewer contact moments on the customer service.

Convenient location Zielona Góra

The Salesupply warehouse in Zielona Góra is located very conveniently. Not only for deliveries within Poland but also for deliveries to surrounding countries. The border with the Czech Republic and the city are only two hours away by car! This way, delivering in a big part of Europe will be more convenient, faster and a lot cheaper.

Use of Cash On Delivery in Poland

Where other (Western) European countries barely use it, online orders in Poland are still being paid through Cash On Delivery. This means the payment will be done at the delivery of the order. This was the chosen payment method in almost half of the online orders in Poland in 2018! With the opening of this fulfilment location, Salesupply naturally offers Cash On Delivery as a payment/delivery option!

In control of the logistical process from one system

The warehouse in Poland means a new extension to the Salesupply Fulfillment network. Salesupply already offered its services from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and China. Now, Poland is the latest addition to this list. From these warehouses, packages can be delivered to all over the world while the online retailer can continue to manage the logistics process from one system. Salesupply offers complete control regarding stock, the logistics process and delivery. Ludo Verlinden, Global Business Development Manager at Salesupply, says: “By shipping the products locally in Poland, this quickly saves around € 4 to € 6 per package and it is delivered the next day. Salesupply offers online retailers the opportunity to excel in local customer experience through cross-border fulfilment.”

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