Bears with Benefits, the gummy bear shaped beauty vitamin supplements for young professional women, rapidly became a hit in Germany and are now on a mission to conquer Europe. First stop, one of the largest supplement markets in Europe: Italy. Philippe Renoirte, Head of Operations at Bears with Benefits describes how their Italian Direct-to-Consumer channel launched in just 7 weeks with the e-fulfillment services and customer service of Salesupply.



Lena and Laurence, the two female founders of Bears with Benefits discovered an opportunity in the market for beauty vitamin supplements and launched a new generation of nutraceuticals, positioned as a premium beauty product to support natural beauty from within. In 2019 Bears with Benefits was launched as a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand. “Straight from the start some of the biggest German drugstore chains expressed their interest in our products, so our first year was dedicated to supplying these retailers. After that we had time to develop our Direct-to-Consumer business which immediately grew fast as well. Now that we are successful in Germany it is time to nurture this and expand cross-border,” explains Philippe. 

Italian launch

“When we decided to expand to Italy we found Salesupply online. An international ecommerce fulfillment and customer service provider with a location in Italy, that could be interesting. I reached out and my main question was: ‘We want to launch Italy in 7 weeks: can you help us?’ When the answer was ‘No problem, let's talk about connections and SKUs’ we knew we found our fulfillment services partner.”

Plug and Play WMS- Shopify connection 

“The connection between the Warehouse Management System and our Shopify account was set up very easily. We instantly had real time access to the easy to use WMS. The main challenge was our product assortment. We have 10 SKUs and 46 different bundles built up of these SKUs. It isn't the easiest setup, but Salesupply arranged it without any problems.”

Reliable carrier, customer experience over price

“Bears with Benefits is a premium product so we need to deliver a premium customer experience in every step of the process. Therefore we are not looking for the cheapest carrier, we choose the most reliable one for every market, which provides the best possible service to our customers” says Philippe. 

Passionate external customer service

“Reliability was also the reason we were happy to outsource the Italian customer service to Salesupply. “From the beginning, the Salesupply customer service agents showed that they really cared about our products, it was great to see their involvement. I have never experienced this level of dedication from a fulfillment - and customer service provider before.” 

Further expansion

For the coming years Bears with Benefits is planning to expand its DTC channel internationally. After Italy the beauty supplements will become available in France, Spain and the Netherlands.

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