Outsourcing fulfillment, 3 frequently asked questions

Of course, outsourcing your fulfillment goes hand in hand with doubts: 'How do we keep track of our orders and returns?' 'Do I still have control over what happens in the warehouse?' 'Do they use the same method of packaging as we do?' These are all very normal questions. Read how ecommerce fulfillment provider Salesupply ensures that your orders are on-brand and delivered to the customer on time while you remain informed throughout the entire process.

Am I still in control?

A major uncertainty when it comes to outsourcing any part of a business is the idea that you will lose control and insight. This is no different when outsourcing an essential process such as fulfillment. Will the orders be sent within the agreed time? How will we know if something goes wrong throughout the process? What if a delivery delay arises at the carrier? Can we still use our corrent back-office system? To what extent are we still involved in the fulfillment process?

Real-time insight
For Salesupply, it is crucial that our clients feel they are 'in control.' It is only then that the cooperation can be truly successful. Which is why we have developed a dashboard application that offers clients real-time insight into the fulfillment process, including:

  • which orders have been picked and packed;
  • which items have been packed per order;
  • whether the tracking codes have been activated;
  • whether the order has been sent within the SLA;
  • which returns have been booked in.

In addition, as a customer you have full access to our fulfillment Portal where all reports (daily/ weekly/monthly/yearly) can be found. This way, you can easily see where any potential bottlenecks may occur and you have insight into the entire fulfillment process every minute of the day.

We schedule weekly or monthly calls with our clients. During these calls, we discuss the entire process, what kind of progress has been made in comparison to the week/month before and which potential areas of improvement we have identified. You gain constant real-time insight that way and retain full control over everything that takes place.

How will we be alerted of any logistical problems?

Whenever you carry out your fulfillment in-house, you are on top of things, which enables you to spot areas for improvement and bottlenecks in the logistics process. Outsourcing your efulfillment can make you feel like you are missing these bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Every morning, Salesupply checks the orders from the previous day (the same day for same-day delivery): have all these orders been properly processed and dispatched? If not, we immediately indicate in our feedback to the client why these orders have not been sent, so that they can inform the consumer in time. This way, the client and the consumer are kept informed of the progress at all times and as a result, the fulfillment process has a positive impact on your customer experience.

Does an external fulfillment provider handle things as well as we do?

In ecommerce, the delivery experience is inextricably linked to your brand. You do everything to make the delivery and the unboxing experience as perfect as possible. 'But can and will an external fulfillment provider meet these expectations?'

For Salesupply, the optimal customer experience is one of the spearheads in the cooperation. The fulfillment process is customised as much as possible so that it fits in perfectly with your brand and positioning. Of course, the delivery/unboxing experience also forms part of this. Which is why, as a client, you have full say in the fulfillment process.

This already starts with the preparations for the cooperation. During this set-up, all of the customer's preferences are discussed in detail; which countries need to be shipped to, what the packaging should look like, should any delays be factored in, which carriers do they prefer to work with, etc. This ensures that everything is arranged from top to bottom in no time at all.

It is only natural that you have doubts about outsourcing your fulfillment. If you have the above-mentioned or any other concerns, then please get in touch with us. We're more than happy to take you through our processes.