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'The old normal is not coming back' is a sentence that can be heard or read anywhere these days. For ecommerce customer care this is certainly the case. Even more so, the expectations and behavior of consumers have changed drastically when it comes to customer service in online retail.

Some webstores have already adapted and many are currently trying to adapt to the new normal. And they should because if you don't you will most likely be left behind.

Are you ready for tomorrow's customers?

In our 2022 Ecommerce Customer Care Guide, we offer an in-depth insight into the key trends that are reshaping ecommerce customer service and we provide you with a number of best practices from online fashion, electronics, home & living, and the beauty industry.

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What can you expect to find? Here's the tip of the iceberg:

Global impact with local expertise

40% of international online shoppers will never buy from websites in other languages and more important, three out of four international online shoppers say that they're more likely to purchase from the same seller again if customer care is in their mother language.

Hybrid customer service for demanding omnichannel consumers

Technological efficiency is very important in every part of an ecommerce business, customer service included. But don't underestimate the power of human connection and especially empathy.

Creating solutions that seamlessly migrate a customer from a self-service portal or a chatbot interaction to a live agent (and back), is becoming the holy grail of ecommerce customer care.

As a bonus, we have added high impact best practices describing surprising ways to include AI, live-streaming, and many other innovations in your customer service portfolio.

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