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  • Deliver everywhere in mainland USA within 1-2 days standard local shipping
  • Salesupply offers U.S. wide FbM services incl Amazon Prime
  • New ecommerce fulfillment centers in Atlanta and Denver

Ecommerce service provider Salesupply has expanded its ecommerce fulfillment network in the USA to 5 specialized warehouses. With this fulfillment network, Salesupply offers online stores standard local shipping coverage throughout mainland United States. Customers of Salesupply are now able to deliver anywhere within 1 to 2 days at an affordable local rate. As a result, Salesupply is accredited to offer FbM (Fulfillment by Merchant), enabling customers to sell more favorable via Amazon Prime.

Nationwide local shipping coverage

In addition to their existing ecommerce fulfillment centers in Miami, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Salesupply’s fulfillment network now includes specialized ecommerce warehouses in Atlanta and Denver. “With the addition of fulfillment centers in Atlanta and Denver we can now offer our customers truly local coverage throughout mainland United States,” says Björn van Brakel, Vice President at Salesupply USA. “The cost advantage is obvious, but this coverage also has a big impact in terms of sustainability. With the ability to offer 1-2 days standard shipping, air delivery in the US is no longer necessary.”

These are the main advantages of the expanded U.S. fulfillment network for clients of Salesupply: 

  • Cost reduction: Being closer to customers means lower delivery cost.

  • Sustainability: Reducing the distance to your customers lowers your carbon footprint., Especially when replacing air delivery by standard local shipping.
  • Improved resiliency: Be prepared for the unexpected. Various social and environmental factors, such as bad weather, can leave you stranded if you have only one fulfillment location. Spreading your inventory over multiple locations also helps you respond faster to unforeseen problems.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Shipping cost and delivery times are two of the top three main reasons for cart abandonment during the checkout process in the USA. By improving delivery times and reducing costs you will not only delight your current clients but you will also reduce your abandoned cart rate and attract new customers. 

FBM, the affordable alternative to Amazon FbA

With the expansion of the fulfillment network, Salesupply now also offers Fulfillment by Merchant (FbM) in all States in the United States. With FbM, webshops themselves are in full control over the entire handling and shipping process. Some reasons to consider this: 

  • The online store maintains control over every aspect of the business.

  • Better from a brand building point of view.
  • Greater margins since you don’t need to pay FbA fees to Amazon.
  • There is no need to worry about policy changes at Amazon.

“It is indeed not a bad time to announce our FbM services”, Björn hints at the recent announcement that Amazon will increase its FbA fees by 5%. “It is a public secret that FbM offers advantages over FbA, cost definitely being one of them. What makes it even more interesting is that thanks to the fast delivery, Salesupply FbM customers can even sell via Amazon Prime.” 

Worldwide local shipping via 1 platform

Salesupply's ecommerce fulfillment network currently has over 15 warehouses worldwide. All these warehouses are part of one connected fulfillment platform. Online stores have a wide choice of fulfillment locations within the platform, all characterized by one way of working. Furthermore clients have one central point of contact and receive one clear invoice.