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In the age of the ‘all-delivery economy’, consumers demand the delivery of their purchases on time, on demand, and transparently. Today, parcel delivery is almost a daily occurrence.

In this scene, a lot of attention is always paid to how retailers are driving traffic, what is happening on their site, and how they entice shoppers to convert, but less attention is paid to what happens after the buy button.

The post-purchase experience

This is what is called the post-purchase phase, a time in which your customers are eager for contact and full of expectation, a moment to stand out from other brands and create a customer experience that positions you as a powerful and unambiguous brand. 

Optimizing your process

In our new ecommerce fulfillment guide, we zoom in on 6 often overlooked steps of the post-purchase experience. Optimizing these steps will help you foster customer satisfaction, retention, and customer lifetime value.


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What does the guide include? Each step includes the newest trends, best practices, and actionable tips to start optimizing your process today. Here is a glimpse:

Putting the customer behind the wheel

For decades it was common for online retailers to determine how and when orders were brought to shoppers, nowadays consumers want to be in charge.

Most European customers (71%) say that flexible delivery options are a reason to choose a particular webshop. Other research shows that conversions increase by over a third (38%) when offered the proper delivery methods.

Customers not only find it important how something is delivered but also when. A UK customer survey underlines that 64% of shoppers would be more loyal to brands that provide them with delivery timeframe options.

Environmental incentive

Total delivery costs have declined by 29% for Coppel, one of Mexico’s leading retailers, by testing a multi-window distribution system to maximize load density on trucks while minimizing the number of stops. A surprising 70% of the customers surveyed were willing to delay home deliveries by approximately five days if given an environmental incentive to do so at the time of purchase.

Additionally, a scientific experiment at the Chinese ecommerce giant Taobao exposed shoppers’ willingness (64%) to wait for greener shipping. A much smaller proportion (25%) say they are willing to pay for it. To reduce delivery emissions, consumers are willing to wait.

Start optimizing your post-purchase customer experience today!

The way that customers relate to brands in the post-purchase phase is transforming. Download our guide, Optimizing your post-purchase experience, and start maximizing your process today.