Conveyor with boxes


Recently, Salesupply welcomed a new fulfillment location in Dorsten, Germany. Salesupply has been fulfilling from Germany already, but the steadily rising demand required expansion with a second location. This new fulfillment center offers a fully automated solution, which comes with added benefits such as lower costs, a faster picking-and-packing process and efficient storage possibilities. 

Fully automated fulfillment center

This new location in Dorsten is of added value for clients of Salesupply because it is fully automated. This automation improves efficiency within the warehouse. This results in lower fulfillment costs and better control over your stock. The setup is perfect when batch control or best by dates are important for the storage of your products.

In addition, the automated process allows in depth analysis and reporting. With all this information, online retailers remain fully in control while outsourcing their fulfillment operation to Salesupply. 

A unique feature of our location in Dorsten is the automated packing machine which includes the option to customize the printing on the box. Allowing you to optimize your customer experience from the moment they receive the box. 

International network and platform

The newest fulfillment solution in Germany is a part of the international fulfillment network of Salesupply. Salesupply provides its clients with a network of over 15 ecommerce fulfillment centers spread over Europe, Northern America and Asia. 

Timon van den Berg, Director of Global Logistics, explains the importance of this network: “In ecommerce, especially in B2C ecommerce, consumers are extremely demanding. Especially when it comes to delivery costs and transit times. Thanks to our eFulfillment platform we offer our vendors fast delivery at local rates all over the world with one point of contact and one way of working. Enabling ecommerce businesses to compete like a local everywhere.” 

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