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You do not want to miss this customer care application.

We all have seen the hype around the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application ChatGPT. From writing software code to website content to you name it, it seems there is nearly nothing this application cannot do more efficiently and faster than us humans. 

What does that mean for ecommerce customer care?

- Can it make your customer service department more efficient and productive as well?

- Will it completely replace your customer care team? 

- What does it mean for the customer service quality and the experience of your clients?

- And what kind of investment does it require in terms of tech resources?

These are all valid questions. However, in the highly competitive ecommerce arena, you can’t risk not exploring the opportunities of ChatGPT to decrease your operating cost.

There is no need to get nervous. As you are hopefully used to from us, we are here to help. Over the past months, our innovation team has been investigating and developing solutions to optimize customer service with the help of ChatGPT. These solutions had to both improve the customer service experience and drastically reduce the cost of customer care operations.

Good news! We are about to launch the beta version of a ChatGPT-driven solution that offers the best of both worlds: an improved service experience against much lower cost.  

This is what you can expect

- By having ChatGPT scan all your received customer service requests from the past years (anonymized), the application is able to come up with a specific categorization of all frequently asked questions by your customers.

- These categories, the specific questions, and templated answers (defined with the help of AI) are then programmed into the training module of the chat solution. This way the hybrid solution can handle more requests automatically each time.

- The bot doesn’t serve them the same programmed answer each and every time. By integrating ChatGPT in the chatbot as well, the application is able to create a tailor-made answer to the exact question your customer is asking. This improves the customer experience.

- This hybrid solution is accessible via chat and it will soon be integrated in phone, email, and WhatsApp channels as well.

- Whenever your customer doesn’t want to be served by the bot, or whenever the bot does not have the answer, the customer is forwarded to a customer service agent.

The solution is continuously monitored for quality by our agents and by ChatGPT for content updates and improvements.

- Safety and compliance are of the highest importance, that’s why privacy laws were leading during the development of this solution. This will also be continuously monitored during the application of the solution.

What are the advantages for your online business?

In our opinion, this is the ideal mix of artificial and human intelligence in which the strengths of both are used to their full potential. So what is in it for you?

- Cost reduction: Automatically handling frequently asked questions will reduce the cost of your customer care cost operation.

By having a fully functional hybrid chatbot powered by such a powerful tool, you are able to help the majority of your customers with their questions in no time. This improves your first-call-resolution ratio as well as the experience of your customers.

- In addition, your customer service agents now really have the time to help clients with more complex questions on the spot. This also results in happier clients and positive reviews.

We are currently finalizing this solution, expect to hear more about it soon. In the meantime, please let us know if you are interested in this service by sending an email to We will make sure to reach out to you as soon as it is live.