The headache of failed deliveries is a common one in e-commerce. Where forms are filled out, mistakes are made. Research shows that up to 25% of failed deliveries are caused by bad address data. On average, these failed deliveries cost your company 14 euros extra per order and lead to unsatisfied customers. To help you to avoid the cost and hassle of  failed deliveries we have developed Salesupply Address Validation. This application detects flawed address data automatically and immediately reaches out to the customer via Whatsapp to correct the address.

Address Validation - How it works

#1. Incoming order

While filling out the form, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. For example forgetting a part of their street name, house number or zip code. In this process the mistake has been made in this part, step 1.

When the order with incorrect address data appears in the order system, the tool signals that the address is incomplete. The customer will be automatically notified through Whatsapp.

#2. Notifying the customer through Whatsapp

The customer receives a message with the request to either confirm the current address or to update it. When the customer wants to change the address the address form will immediately appear.

#3. The order now includes the correct address

After the form is filled in, the tool updates the shipping address. The customer will get their delivery with a minimal delay and the store avoids the additional costs of a failed delivery.

Start reducing failed delivery costs today

Salesupply Address Validation tool service is available in all languages and works with all ecommerce platforms. 

Interested in how this Address Validation can be of added value for your business? Contact us for more information.