Re-commerce is big. momox, Europe’s leading re-commerce platform for books, games CD/DVD/Blu-rays and second-hand fashion was one of the first players in this market. Founded in Germany in 2004, momox took advantage of the new opportunities of online marketplaces. The momox concept provides maximum convenience with maximum transaction certainty: through a smartphone app, the re-commerce platform allows potential customers to sell their items at fixed prices - within minutes.

Are you thinking of integrating a returns platform? Now is the moment. Contact us before the 8th of July 23 and set-up costs are on us.  

International expansion 

In 2011, momox started its internationalization by expanding to Great Britain, France and Austria. At that time, the Berlin-based company had 750 employees and achieved a turnover of €60mn. Later, the US, Canada, Spain, and Italy were added to its international target markets. Since its foundation, over 350 million items have been sold to over 33 million customers. In 2022, momox generated an annual turnover of 337 million euros.  

The need for localised returns 

Marketplaces are crucial for momox, the company is the world's largest retailer of used goods on Amazon and the third largest on eBay. In early 2015, Amazon announced to its international marketplace-sellers, that they were obliged to provide either a local returns address or cover the return shipping costs, even if selling abroad. All resellers had to implement these new requirements by 12 March 2015, as they were otherwise in danger of losing their sales license. 

momox had a high number of returns from Amazon sales internationally and offering free returns to the logistics center in Germany would jeopardize its profit margin. momox needed a local return address and returns handling solution to be able to operate internationally. 

With local return addresses in 17 countries spread over 3 continents, Salesupply was the ideal partner for the cross-border recommerce activities of momox. Currently, Salesupply offers clients of momox local return addresses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. 

Customers can send their unwanted orders free of charge to a return address located in their own country. At the local Salesupply logistics center, the returned products are consolidated and bundled to reduce shipping costs when sending them back to Momox in Germany.