• Last-mile carrier performance benchmark
  • Drastically reduce Wismo customer service requests
  • Proactive communication for increased customer satisfaction 

At Salesupply we believe the fulfillment process should be as smart and valuable as possible. That’s why we are happy to announce the integration of the technology of Tracey into our fulfillment platform.  

Tracey – recently acquired by shipping automation platform Sendcloud – provides ecommerce shipping intelligence.  

Tracey empowers merchants to make smarter shipping decisions and proactively manage customer expectations. With the integration of Tracey, the Salesupply Fulfillment Platform now enables you to: 

  • Benchmark the performance of last-mile carriers 
  • Select the carriers with the best fit for your business 
  • Make accurate delivery and delay predictions
  • Have real-time overview of delivery status for individual parcels
  • Proactively communicate delivery issues turning a negative situation into a positive experience
  • Drastically reduce ‘where is my order’ (wismo) customer service requests    

After the introduction of Address Validation and the integration of the online returns portal of Returnless, this is the third big enrichment of our fulfillment proposition this year.