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Salesupply expands its U.S. fulfillment network to 5 ecommerce warehouses

Deliver everywhere in mainland USA within 1-2 days standard local shipping Salesupply offers U.S. wide FbM services incl Amazon Prime New ecommerce fulfillment centers in Atlanta and Denver Ecommerce service provider Salesupply has expanded its ecommerce fulfillment network in the USA to 5 sp

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How to Choose the Best Call Center Outsourcing Partner

The importance of customer service to a business is often understated, both as a way of optimizing retention and creating opportunities to upsell consumers at a time when they're most engaged with a brand. Even on a fundamental level, 42% of customers are put off by unfriendly or unhelpful customer

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3 Ways to Improve the Customer Service on your Shopify Store

It has long been said that customer service is crucial to a business's long-term success, particularly in terms of ensuring satisfaction and optimizing consumer retention over time. This is borne out by the numbers too. According to McKinsey, 70% of the buying experience is based on how the custome

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Ecommerce Customer Care is changing, be ready!

'The old normal is not coming back' is a sentence that can be heard or read anywhere these days. For ecommerce customer care this is certainly the case. Even more so, the expectations and behavior of consumers have changed drastically when it comes to customer service in online retail. Some webstor

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The challenges of cross-border ecommerce growth: transactions

If you are a regular visitor of our blog you know we are strongly in favor of cross border ecommerce growth. We have previously discussed the challenges of international customer service as well as international fulfillment but there's more to it. What to think of payments, invoicing and legal compl

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TonerPartner Customer Service aims for Customer Loyalty

If you belong to the 60-80 percent* of people in Europe that own a printer, then you most likely know our client TonerPartner. TonerPartner is a leading online retailer in toner, ink cartridges and printer accessories active in most of Europe. We met with Oliver Ahrens, CEO of TonerPartner to talk a

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Six ways to improve your ecommerce customer service

Ecommerce is booming, and there's a lot of opportunities for businesses online. But with all the competition out there, it's essential to set yourself apart from the pack. There's no better way to accomplish that by providing outstanding customer service. This article will help you identify what ec

How to Master International Customer Service


How to master International Customer Service

To become truly successful in ecommerce two aspects are absolutely crucial. Turning your customers into loyal returning customers and international expansion to generate enough revenue to keep on growing and improving your business. Unfortunately these two key factors aren't that easy to combine. Re

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