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How to turn online shoppers into happy returning customers

It is an often heard question. Webstores spend large parts of their budgets on acquiring traffic and on converting these first-time visitors into first-time buyers. With steadily increasing acquisition costs, this strategy only becomes viable in the long term when you manage to convert these buyers

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Optimizing the post-purchase experience: the 6-step guide

In the age of the ‘all-delivery economy’, consumers demand the delivery of their purchases on time, on demand, and transparently. Today, parcel delivery is almost a daily occurrence. In this scene, a lot of attention is always paid to how retailers are driving traffic, what is happening

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A Guide to Ecommerce Logistics for Small Businesses

The global ecommerce market continues to grow exponentially every single year, and is expected to reach a total value of $5.55 trillion by the end of 2022. Of course, growth in the space was accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, so many ecommerce ventures may have scaled incredibly quickly witho

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Does Your Ecommerce Store Need a Third Party Fulfillment Center?

The value of online shopping has continued to grow exponentially over the past years, with ecommerce transactions accounting for nearly 20% of global retail sales through 2021. Through 2022, global ecommerce sales are expected to total $5.5 trillion, highlighting increased demand and the opportunit

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How to Sell Internationally on Amazon

It’s well-known that Amazon continues to dominate the ecommerce market across the globe, with the US offering a relevant case in point. More specifically, Amazon accounts for nearly 40% of the ecommerce market in the US, with 31% comprising the following 14 biggest online stores operating state

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How to Offer Free International Shipping to Your Ecommerce Customers

If there’s one thing we all enjoy as consumers, it’s getting something for free. Whether this takes the form of a two-for-one offer or free subscription package, freebies offer a tremendous incentive to customers and even encourage us to change our behavior as part of a wider emotional trigger.

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Tamaris adds local customer service for international growth

Footwear, fashion and accessory brand Tamaris is a big name in Europe with an online presence in 25 European countries. The German brand is still growing and has further expansion plans. At the time of this interview Tamaris was expanding its ecommerce into Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Greece.

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Conversion Optimisation? Focus on customer service opening hours

Being successful in ecommerce is not easy, competition is intense, the cost of acquiring traffic is going through the roof and online shoppers have high expectations. Once shoppers are on your website the experience needs to be smooth and frictionless to get them to make a purchase. Online retailers

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How to Handle Your Online Returns Like a Pro

The ecommerce market in the US is the second largest in the world, generating total revenue of $599 billion last year. The market grew by 11% through 2021, with ecommerce in the US contributing to global growth of 29% during the same period. This trend has largely continued through the first half o

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expert relies on Salesupply for supporting its online customers

expert is Germany's largest consumer electronics group with over 200 associated specialist dealers and over 400 locations nationwide. Customer support for the group's national online shop which is operated by the expert headquarters is provided by Salesupply. When expert's e-commerce

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