How PAEZ focused on Customer Service during the ‘perfect storm’

Imagine being in the middle of an operational transition after taking over the management of an international fashion brand and, all of sudden, COVID-19 takes over. This was the case for the new team at footwear brand PAEZ. Francisco Lacerda, at the time Operations Manager at PAEZ tells about the 'p

Brexit blues


Brexit Blues? Salesupply offers 24hrs UK mainland delivery

Have you seen the terrifying images of traffic jams at the UK border? And have you received the increased fees for UK parcel deliveries? Good chances that you are now suffering from a case of the Brexit Blues. Don´t worry, Salesupply has…


Proactive chat to improve the online customer experience

  A proactive approach from a company is becoming more important for consumers. One of the ways to do that is through proactive chat. Proactive chat means that there is the possibility to chat with an employee of a webshop,…


Salesupply opens a new fulfillment warehouse in Poland

Salesupply opens a new fulfilment location in Poland! By opening this warehouse in Zielona Góra, near the western border of the country, Salesupply offers various strategic advantages to make delivering online orders more convenient, faster and cheaper in Poland and surrounding countries! Online se


Salesupply opens a new fulfillment warehouse in Italy

Salesupply opens a new fulfillment location in Verona. Opening this new logistics hub offers cross-border online retailers new opportunities to deliver faster, at lower shipping- and return costs throughout Italy. An additional strategic advantage…


The growth of direct-to-consumer fashion brand RevolutionRace

Outdoor sports are loved by people all over the world. We challenge ourselves with exercising and meanwhile experience and explore the most unique places of our planet. However, weather conditions affect the way we dress. The outdoor clothing…


Cross-Border Magazine: A real cool solution

Lots of online food retailers experience the challenge of keeping food products chilled or frozen. The solu tions are often either expensive or not sustainable, which does not comply with today’s standards. The food market has been catching up with…


Cross-Border Magazine: The business with the Oktoberfest

MOSER Trachten is Bavaria’s largest costume designer, and an expert in the field of brick-and-mortar retailing. Marco Manigk, online shop manager and head of e-commerce, brought the company forward by introducing online business. Their decision to…

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