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Loyalty is scarce in the volatile fashion industry. Especially for ecommerce brands, customer interaction is the way to build trust and intimacy. To make customer service in the fashion industry even more challenging,  the heavily represented younger audience implies that customer interactions need to take place on a rapidly changing variety of channels.

Fashion, a fast-changing industry

The fashion industry is constantly changing. Trends come and go and not only in the fashion items you're offering. With such a large, young and diverse audience, online fashion stores need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to customer experience and customer service. Fortunately, Salesupply is here for you. By outsourcing your customer service to Salesupply, you can focus on your core business, while your current customers are being turned into satisfied, returning customers.

Learn more about our Fashion customer service solutions

Fashion customer service solutions

Whether you are a fast fashion brand or more focused on the high-end section, we can deliver the right customer service support catered to your needs. We can support your brand with the following fashion challenges:

Fashion: a recurring business

With the ever rising aquisition costs it is of the utmost importance to turn new clients into repeat customers. Customer service plays a vital role here. At Salesupply, we know this like no other. With more than 800 trained agents, we offer native customer care in 36 languages in 3 time zones. We offer customer service by phone, (live) chat, email, review handling, social media, and WhatsApp, catering to your customers preferences. Our experienced fashion service agents will make sure the customer service experience is top-notch. 


Seasonality, multiple collections and sales peaks: the fashion industry is volatile, with fluctuations in customer service demand as a result. Therefore  our fashion customer service is highly scalable. Regardless of the size of your store or your customer service volume, we can offer you a cost-friendly solution. Whether you want to outsource your entire customer service, you are looking for after-hours support during evenings and weekends or for temporary support during peak seasons only, the ecommerce specialized agents of Salesupply are there for you.


Within the fashion industry, returns are often an issue. Consumers use their living room as a fitting room, resulting in returns percentages of over 40%. The problem is often that the customer picks the wrong size. Customer service can help in making the right decision. Our well trained agents know your company and its product features. This way, they can advise on the fitting of the garment so that the customer can decide to size up or down - thereby reducing the mismatches and the number of returns.


Fashion brands that rely on Salesupply

'Case study: HIRMER'

Salesupply supports HIRMER in internationalization



Who?  Hirmer is a German clothing brand specialized in plus-size men’s wear.


Services: The need for advice from the customers of "HIRMER BIG & TALL" is high. HIRMER operates in a niche: the middle to high-end sector. Experience has shown that this means that customers communicate a lot and frequently as part of their shopping experience. That’s why it is very important that a call center can guarantee a high quality of advice. Salesupply is able to do so. We are now working  together in Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.


Read more about how Salesupply supports HIRMER here. 

'Case study: Tamaris'

Tamaris offers local Customer Service for international growth


Who?  Tamaris is a footwear, fashion & accessory brand with an online presence in 25 European countries. 


Service: Tamaris focuses on providing their customers with a fully localized experience, including payments, logistics and customer service. Customer service is the way to be in direct contact with the customer. This personal experience with the Tamaris brand is important and being able to offer this in the customers local language is vital. This is where Salesupply comes into play. Tamaris works  together with Salesupply in German, English, French and Italian. The next step is to launch native customer service in Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic.


Read more about how Salesupply supports Tamaris here.

Why outsource your Fashion customer service to Salesupply

  • tick100% Ecommerce specialized
  • tickOver 15 years of experience in the fashion industry
  • tickInternational coverage in 36 languages in 3 time zones
  • tickServices include: Peak & seasonal customer service, evenings and weekends
  • tickPhone, email, (live) chat, social media, WhatsApp, & more
  • tickFast integration with existing interfaces
  • tickReal-time reporting through a personal dashboard
  • tickDedicated or shared agents, depending on your volume

Fashion customer service FAQs

Thinking about outsourcing your customer service can create doubts. This is absolutely normal. Read how Salesupply ensures that your service is on-brand: your customers won’t even realise that they are dealing with an external service provider. 

For Salesupply, it is crucial that our clients are 'in control.' It is only then that the cooperation can be truly successful. This is how:
Dashboard application. We have developed a dashboard application that offers clients real-time insight into the fulfillment process.
CMS system. You also have access to our CMS system where you can find all events and listen back to telephone conversations.
Consultation. We schedule weekly or monthly calls with our clients. During these calls, we discuss what the volume has been, how the agents have been performing, how quickly answers have been given, whether the SLA was achieved, whether any issues have occurred, etc.
The way in which you communicate with your customers has a big influence on the positioning of your brand. That is why, as a client, you have full say in the customer care process. During the set-up process, the preferred customer care experience is discussed in detail. This gives you full control over how our agents deal with your customers, and your customers will never get the impression that they have been helped by an external service provider.
The agents of an external service provider are, of course, not always familiar with your brand. But at Salesupply, we developed a proven training method that enables agents to become fully acquainted with the ins & outs of a company within a short period of time. By using a 'wiki' set up together with the client and a product training course provided by the client, our agents are transformed into remote colleagues within no time.

Customer service has always been important in signalling bottlenecks and issues. Salesupply has developed a methodology for recognising these customer signals and sharing them with the client. All customer events are linked to an (in consultation) pre-defined category. As a client, you gain direct insight into these categories via our real-time dashboard and you will also periodically receive an extensive report. As a result, many of our clients have been able to improve their organisational processes and even their products, all thanks to signals from our agents.


Read this article for an extended answer to the questions above. Would you like to know more about how we handle your orders as a customer service provider? Get in touch.

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